Thursday, March 1, 2007

A finished scarf and some new roving

I finished a scarf for myself!!! It's the first thing I have started and finished absolutelly for myself. My boyfriend says I need to hide it so nobody globs onto it. Which is what usually happens to the stuff I knit. Anyway I made it out of the Malabrigo yarn I got from my knittyboard sp and I absolutely love this yarn. It was a dream to work with and it knit up quickly. Here is a picture of the finished scarf close up. I had a picture of me wearing it but seriously didn't want to subject anyone to that.

And now I am spinning some yarn. I am trying to make a camo yarn and it is turning out pretty well. It's more feminine than the normal camo, which was on purpose because I plan on knitting something for my sister with it. Which she HAS to have something pink on everything she owns so I bought a little bit of pink to spin with the camo colors. Here is a picture of the fiber with a little spun onto the spindle:

I'll definatly post a pic when it is done.

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Erica said...

I found you through Knitty boards and decided to say hi :-)

Hooray for finishing something for yourself! I definitely know the tendency to knit for everyone but yourself...
Happy Knitting!